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Submitted on
August 2, 2012


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Commission Details (OPEN)

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 2, 2012, 10:44 AM


1. Please do not put my work up on your accounts on any website without giving Credit! (DeviantArt is a big no no! I already have it up here, you don't need to put it on your account!)
2. Do not use to resell or make profit off of! (Unless it is a project commission)
3.Do not take and say you did this. That is so mean! QAQ
4.Pay upfront first. I usually will get people's commissions done in a week time period unless the list is big
5.Once the point commission is over DO NOT send me points! If the Point limit is closed and you send me points. I will either A) Give them back to you or B) Keep them, thinking you gifted them to me! (You have been warned)
6. Please send me notes on the details for your commission or any questions before paying me for a commission
7. Pay a 3% if using paypal. It will charge you 3% of the total amount and if you don't pay it takes the pay out of my money. Please pay the 3% because It just gets frustrating for the both of us if you deliberately ignore the fee. I know it's annoying even I get frustrated but Paypal have to get paid somehow.

Payments that I take

Mailing (Only for CERTAIN friends who I trust or if we're doing trades that isn't money but items that I want in hand or really need)


Those who are paying me for project purposes. I only wish for Credit and that you don't distort the images I create for you. If you wish to distort it for things like website,etc let me know I will be delighted to make something else out of it for you. ^^
I understand that most of these are fan characters or fan drawings, I still drew them and I will like to keep it that way. Do not claim it as you're own and do not put it up on DA. If put on another website please place credit and link to my DA profile.
Those that are commissioning me for their own projects I do not expect anymore pay than what is offered for my work. I do not expect royalty or extra money(Donations are appreciated) if your book/etc becomes a success and you become rich. I only expect credit and links where others can check out my website. Let me know though if it turns out well!

Things I will or Will not Do


Themes: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Romance, Adventure
Body types: Full Body, Head Portraits, Waist up
Color Styles: Simple shading, base colors, Detailed coloring
Misc: Gaia, Tinierme, Animals, Anthro's, Halo, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Chibis


Themes: Action (not so great with fighting sorry) Romance (Don't do too much exposed stuff sorry)
Body Types: n/a
Color Styles: Cell Shading (can't do it, not awesome like that lol)
Misc: My little Pony(never drew them), Transformers (no way I can do that), complex machines or guns.

Commissions and Prices


Chibi Cherr by Ace-Of-SpiritsMew by Ace-Of-Spirits

15$ or 1500 Points
5$ or 500 for extra characters
Usually doesn't come with backgrounds


Comm: Saint by Ace-Of-SpiritsDonation Sketch Glase by Ace-Of-Spirits

10$ or 1000 Points
5$ or 500 points for extra Character

Cell Shading

Donation Eskimo Kisses by Ace-Of-Spirits

20$ or 2000 points
10$ or 1000 points for extra Character


Donation: SaekiSekai by Ace-Of-Spirits

30$ or 3000 points
15$ or 1500 points for extra character

Blinking Icons

Gift for my Hubby by Ace-Of-Spirits

10$ or 1000 points

I would really appreciate it if you spread around about my commissions ^^ Thanks for being interested in my work.

Skin by sergbel (modified by Ace-Of-Spirits)
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Ace-Of-Spirits Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012  Student Interface Designer
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